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the smiles beneath my bones
27 February 2030 @ 09:08 pm
predominantly friends only, with a few exceptions. mostly rambling anyway, so sorry 'bout that. comment and add for possible friend backs.

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the smiles beneath my bones
17 January 2010 @ 10:45 pm
am deciding to actually give my poor, little neglected tumblr a try out. so far, so good.

SOME AWESOME NEWS: we have new mugs which are pretty efficient. you put them in the microwave to make some hot chocolate and the liquid is warmed up, but the mug is not so hot. no burnt fingers! how excellent technology has evolved now these days.

SOME NOT SO AWESOME NEWS: I have a cramp in my toes.

what can I say, my life is just one huge rollercoaster.
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the smiles beneath my bones
24 July 2009 @ 01:34 pm
i wanna date a fucking orange

though when you bite into them you get a face full of juice
at least you get some breakfast in bed
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the smiles beneath my bones
21 July 2009 @ 03:08 pm
the most feminine layout i've ever had, but i love it

i feel ill. my immune system likes to party it up wild and is in a perpetual hangover. the reactions from other people to my slight illness every time is, "YOU HAVE SWINE FLU." i do not have swine flu, i just feel like throwing up all the time. that's what you get when your insides are party animals.

the first series of the o.c is damn addictive and so damn glorious. I DARE YOU TO DISAGREE.

i want to write. my mind is full of ugly metaphors that i want blotted out in front of me.

eta. every time i see my moodtheme MY HEART HURTS.
Current Mood: crankycranky
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the smiles beneath my bones
19 July 2009 @ 12:17 am
i'd love to meet someone who only talked in zoom noises

"hey, what's up?"
"oh man, that's pretty rad"

and then they would meet someone who only ever articulated in whooosh noises AND THEY WOULD FALL IN LOVE

"zoom zooom!"
":') zoom"

how cleverly romantic
also, i'm agitated and tired and this makes my mind make funny whoosh and zoom noises to itself and my rambling even less coherent THEN EVER BEFORE
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
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the smiles beneath my bones
19 July 2009 @ 12:12 am

dramatic music
the smiles beneath my bones
13 June 2009 @ 08:43 am
imconfusedotcom: ew i'm eating cereal BUT IT'S NOT VERY GOOD
imconfusedotcom: it's like someone's got a big packet of nuts and put them in milk
idktbh: lmfao lmfao
idktbh: :'D
imconfusedotcom: i want nice cereal
imconfusedotcom: like cocopops
imconfusedotcom: they're a whole bowl full of fun
idktbh: MFY MFY
imconfusedotcom: pffft. you can have my nuts in milk if you want.
idktbh: thats what she said :'D

our maturity, guys :/ ♥
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the smiles beneath my bones

i feel tired and sad, in the simplest of terms -- i'm gonna make me a hot choco and curl up in bed and start thomas hardy. night, all.
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the smiles beneath my bones
some unrelated ramblings:

if i offered the idea of swapping mixtapes with people would anyone be interested? you know, i make you a mixtape of some songs, you make me one. i just really love mixtapes, okay? ;u;

i still cannot get over that it's may already. may. it feels like, last week that i was all hoorah! it's the new year! BUT IT IS THE NEW YEAR NO MORE and i feel very slow getting settled into this year.

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND/THE DECEMBERISTS COMBINATION IN THE WANTING COMES IN WAVES. still. i hadn't listened to the track in a month or two, and then fell in love agaaaain. also; i would really love regina spektor doing a cover of the potential break up song, please.

and to finish my jumbled entry; my friend was in a hotel lobby yesterday when she heard the two guys next to her discussing their girlfriends.

guy one: "my girlfriend's on at the moment. i can always tell."
guy two: "mood swings?"
guy one: "no, she just gives me a lot of blowjobs. they should call it Blowjob Week."

personally, i found it hilarious. the end :D
Current Mood: amusedamused
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the smiles beneath my bones

i'm making my post prettier with zach condon. i feel that he does the job efficiently.

i got four hours sleep last night and goddamn, i'm exhausted. it's usually not much of a problem getting that much sleep but i'm trying to cut down on coffee so my body is all sad at me and making pitiful faces ): ): and asking for MOAR, so i came home and fell asleep. kirstie allsopp was in my dream and it was awesome. WE WERE JOLLY PALS. or, something. who knows. eurgh, phone keeps dying. one of my molars aches. this icon reminds me of the beach with the golden colours and also that i need to do that icon meme that eternelle picked out for me but i keep forgetting/being too lazy.

i am aware that it's been a while since i bothered to make a real post. i will one day ~

I NEED TO SNEEZE BUT CANNOT, GODDAMN. or, alternatively in a slightly more coherent remix of that statement, how was your day?
Current Mood: sorei just like his face
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